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Proved innocent orthodontist treatment

Employee representatives give their orthodontist san diego opinion on all matters of the kind mentioned above and any other situations at the request of the Company's management. Employee representatives have advisory opinion and is always given in writing and reasoned.

This Regulation may be accompanied by policies or rules of service. Organization of work Article8 Working time and rest Under the legislation, working time of each employee is actually on day8 hours or 40 hours a week and is performed by five days working week. Normal working hours from Monday to Friday, starting at. Ends at.

Staying in society than the normal working hours, shall be made only with the approval of management. Duration of working in special conditions for people working in such conditions without it leading to a decrease in salary, is determined by the management company;

The management company reserves the right, within the limits and procedures required by law to change the work schedule according to the needs of the service. Before starting the work program and the end office hours, employees are required to sign the orthodontist san diego registers of attendance compartment or work where employed.

(Head job) must cover the book daily attendance at beginning and end orthodontist san diego of work. Employees who delay the agreed work program, your supervisor must report the situation, even if it is a case of force.

Unless unforeseen, all absences must be approved in advance by the supervisor. If the absence was due to a fault of the person concerned (illness, accident, etc.) supervisor must be informed immediately, which is the extent to decide in all cases whether to take action or to propose disciplinary action.

Is responsible for organizing and keeping track of their respective vacations, unpaid leave, paid holidays, permissions from the program and other issues concerning working time and rest of the employees.

Annual leave, sick leave and other leave employees are entitled under the law to annual leave, sick leave and other leave. All of sub paragraphs referred to have entitled each calendar year to a paid vacation with a minimum of days in relation orthodontist san diego to their length of service, as follows:

This leave is usually performed, in whole or may be granted if the interests of the service require, or at the request of the employee if the activity is not affected provided that one faction is not less than 15 days.

Apart from the leave, employees are entitled to paid vacation days, to the following family events:- Marriage of employee- days;- Birth or marriage of a child- days;- Death of spouse or relative up to second degree of the employee- days;

Paid leave is granted at the request of the employee, the management of the company. The employee must prove by a medical certificate and justify the absence of orthodontist san diego sickness, or possibly to announce likely to cause sickness absence.

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